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About the Band

Chuckie Cheese honed his chops while navigating the foggy realms of both sides of academia. He has played for the likes of queens and princesses in his world-ly music travels. He has made his mark in various musical entities...some of which are still healing.

C. C. was born under a very bad sign...the Hollywood Sign. Beneath the second L, it is thought. C. C. was the last born of the group...and still growing. When not pounding the drums, he can usually be found pounding some brews. He is proof that one of THEM walks among us.

K-Dog came to us from the wilds of the North...singin' and playin' for you all your favorite hits. Growing up as a member of a musical clan has left him with some rather well-endowed abilities. Like Benji before him, he is one multi-talented puppy.


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