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Volcanic Spew

Mayhem and Motion in Music

This hard and heavy, power-hungry rock trio fuses its volcanic riffs with words that scream out the isolation of twentieth century existence. Taking their cues from nature, the music melds and forms and shifts, ever changing, until reigned in by human hands. The lyrics cry for control, for satisfaction in this untamable landscape of aural despair.

Los Angeles is their home.

Kung-Fu Hula Girl can next be seen at:

The Joint
Pico Blvd, East of Robertson
Los Angeles, CA
Friday February 15, 2002

Check back soon for additional show information


Check out for "Manitoba," a sample cut from the "HITZ" CD, released September 2001

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All Hawaii, All the Time...
Kung-Fu Hula Girl does:
Chuckie Cheese on gtr
K-Dog on B-B-B-B-Bass
C.C. on Batterie

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